TEAMSHOP is a next gen mobile marketing platform oriented to boost up sales with the help of discounts. Any shop willing to provide discounts can become a part of TEAMSHOP and attract thousands and thousands of new shoppers!

How? There is a huge force that will drive up your sales. And that huge force is TEAMSHOP Agents, who earn money bringing Buyers for you. The more they bring, the more they earn. That’s right, TEAMSHOP Agents will do all the sales work for you. You can now forget about marketing!

Who is paying the Agents? It’s not you, it’s the Buyers. The big secret of TEAMSHOP is that Agents earn a small part of the coupon price, paid by satisfied Buyers. No buy, no pay, no discount. Your discounts always mean profit for you.


TEAMSHOP receives coupons from Sellers and publishes those coupons in the catalogue inside its mobile app. As soon as the coupons are published, TEAMSHOP Agents try hard to promote those coupons among their connections to earn profit. This results in series of group buying using provided coupons.

For example, a Seller offers TEAMSHOP a coupon that gives 20% discount, but only if the order exceeds 5 000 EUR. Agents bring in 10 Buyers, each of whom is ready to make a purchase in this particular shop for 500 EUR, with a discount of 15% (5% less than the coupon discount).


Then these 10 buyers pay 5% for the coupons that give 20% discount to receive their 15% discount (20% - 5% = 15%). After they have their coupons, they order for 5 000 EUR in total, receiving their resulting 15% discount each. Agents receive 5% that was paid for the coupons.

As result:

Buyers are happy to buy what they want with a substantial discount 15%.

Agents are happy to earn their 5% profit from the order.

Seller is more than happy to profit from both the order and from getting a loyal customer who will return again and again.